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We've all read them:

In NightVale, Cecil is in love with Carlos but Carlos doesn't know and goes on a date with the faceless old woman anyway. Or does he know? Maybe it's a plot to get Sesil to make a move? Cecil is very sad and cannot do his radio show. Will they loose what they almost had? Meanwhile Khoshekh is in need of pyschological help, and maybe Carlos is the only person who can give it to him, ince intern Dana is still missing. Oh, and the dragon has three heads because that's how I want it. This is not crack I promise, I'm just really bad at writing summaries. Please read. If you comment I will keep writing, otherwise, dunno.

Don't like don't read.

That's as bad as I could pull off off the top of my head. Apologies, mispelling, randomness...what stands out for you as an element of a bad summary, and how would you help fix them, were you to give a panel on them?


I know I'd start with spellcheck, and ADD YOUR CHARACTERS' NAMES TO THE DICTIONARY. And stop apologising. Dammit.

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