A few weeks ago I was hanging out with a friend of mine and, as is usually the case, the conversation turned to the next short film project we might work on. A mutual friend is putting on a small Science Fiction convention that's an homage to 1970s movies and TV, a follow up to one he held for 1950s B movies a couple of years ago. In that one he held a film competition and my mate made this silly bit of nonsense.

For the follow-up he entertained the notion of making a 70s style monster movie in a similar vein. That can only mean one thing - an Alien rip-off homage!

We tried to come up with a decent title for it that day, searching around something along the line of Gremlins or Critters, but all we could think of were things like Biters or Chompers and we gave up. But yesterday I approached it in a different light and was hit with inspiration: Star Fiend. And I liked that idea so much I had to make a poster for it! Because that's the kind of thing I tend to do.

I knew exactly what it should look like, but I didn't want to spend too much time creating the elements myself. I figured somebody would have already made what I need online and I'd piece it together from those disparate sources. I will credit them here as I go. This is not anything official, anyway, it's conceptual art for fun. If we were to make the film we'd create everything ourselves.

I needed an alien creature that was humanoid, free-standing, and had a background I could easily crop out. Deviant Art is loaded with people uploading their 3D models and sculptures, and I soon found just what I wanted here. It's what appears to be a clay model by user Akiratang.


And it's surprising how many 3D artists make spaceship corridors and put them online. It's almost a genre in itself. It wasn't hard to find this amazing piece of work by Andrew Price using Blender.


So all I had to do was assemble them together, and colour grade it to look suitably 70s or 80s space horror-ish. Cover it with an unnecessary excess of lens flares and this is what I came up with.