Anything about fandom--fanfic, art, vids, meta discussion, recs, analysis....whatever floats your boat
Anything about fandom--fanfic, art, vids, meta discussion, recs, analysis....whatever floats your boat

Maybe the timing explains it... (Vid inside)

If VividCon is on the same weekend as GISHWHES, then how many D/C vids can we expect to see? Anyway, a friend is sending me one of her discs, and here are this year's categories:


Vividcon 2014 Vidshows

  • America the BeautifulVJ: renenetDescription: Vids about the United States of America: its places and its people, their struggles and their triumphs, and the never-ending work in progress that defines this country.
  • Childhood

    VJ: Katie M

    Description: Surly teenagers, symbols of innocence, and creepy little girls - vids about all facets of childhood, even the demonic ones.

  • Femslash

    VJ: kiki_miserychic

    Description: Gathered here for your viewing pleasure: vids featuring romantic and/or sexual relationships between female characters.

  • One is the Loneliest Number

    VJ: hollywoodgrrl

    Description: A vidshow dedicated to showcase the talents of actors pulling double, triple, INFINITY X! duty by playing multiples on screen.

  • State of Mind

    VJ: Trelkez

    Description: Visions, memories, dreams, psychic abilities, mental programming, and out-of-body experiences.

  • Team-y Goodness

    VJ: gwyneth

    Description: The team power walk. The group of friends and their wacky shenanigans. The ragtag band who come together to accomplish something no one thought they could. Who doesn't love a great fannish ensemble? Let's watch some vids that celebrate teamy goodness. Smells like team spirit!

  • The Things We Do For Love

    VJ: sweetest drain

    Description: Like walking in the rain and snow when there's nowhere to go — wait. No. For this vidshow, we'll look at all kinds of love — romantic love, obsessive love, love of family and friends, love of duty, love of self — but most importantly, we'll explore what love's incredible driving force can set into motion.

  • You Say You Want a Revolution

    VJs: bradcpu & Laura Shapiro

    Description: Overthrowing the system, the government, or just someone who's being mean to you; this show examines the many ways we rebel and revolt, and fandom's eternal love for rebels and underdogs.

I'd expect to see a lot of Stucky and general Avengers, but despite the worry of Not My Beautiful Cake, I am excited by Team-y Goodness (who can't love a good power walk?) and One Is The Loneliest Number which I'm sure will have Orphan Black but I hope also has a lot of Enver from Dollhouse (I think Eliza sucks at acting, and I never really got the Dichen thing).


Here's one vid from the con so far:

Title: Orange Crush
Fandom: Captain America
Pairing: Steve/Buckey, Steve & Buckey
Rating: as movie
Vidder: TheGwynVids

Once I get my disc, I'll be back with §erenada's best of. Am excite!


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